Trump Accuses ‘Wacky’ Frederica Wilson Of ‘Killing’ Democrats As He Singlehandedly Destroys GOP

Despite the fact that the Republican Party has devolved into a raging dumpster in the age of Donald Trump, the president took to Twitter on Saturday morning to escalate feud with Frederica Wilson and accuse her of “killing the Democratic Party.”

In a tweet, Trump called the Democratic Congresswoman “wacky” and said he hopes the “fake news media” keeps talking about her.

While this war of words may play well to Trump’s shrinking core of supporters, he should be careful what he wishes for. The longer this feud goes on, after all, the more the American people see that Trump doesn’t have the capacity as a human being to see outside of himself – a glaring flaw for a commander-in-chief.

This back-and-forth will also continue to put the focus on the tragic ambush in Niger, which NBC News reports came after a “massive intelligence failure.” It took the president 12 days to say a word about the fallen service members, and when he did he chose to use the opportunity to lie about his own greatness.

Meanwhile, as Trump accused Congresswoman Wilson of “killing” the Democratic Party on Saturday, it is he who is singlehandedly destroying the Republican Party, according to pre-2018 polling.

In a recent CNN poll, Democrats have a stunning 14-point lead in a hypothetical contest between a generic Democratic candidate and a generic Republican candidate. RealClearPolitics pegs the average Democratic lead over the GOP at a little over nine points.

There is no doubt that the thin-skinned president will continue to ratchet up attacks on the Democratic congresswoman for revealing his insensitive remarks to a fallen soldier’s widow, but it his Republican Party that is in shambles.

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