Opinion: 12 Days of Silence On Niger Tragedy Exposes Donald Trump As A Fake Patriot

Donald Trump’s handling of the aftermath of the Niger tragedy, which claimed the lives of four American servicemen, has caused considerable outrage and raised troubling questions. But what it didn’t do, was reveal anything about Trump that we didn’t already know. Contrarily, it only reinforced perceptions that were previously witnessed, but somehow ignored by his voters. For twelve days Donald Trump publicly ignored the deaths of four men who he claims to hold so dearly. Twelve days of silence proved him yet again, to be a malignant political fraud.

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly showed a disgusting lack of empathy and respect for members of the military. He derided Gold Star parents and proclaimed himself more astute in military strategy than battle tested generals. He accepted a veterans Purple Heart medal, famously declaring that “was much easier” than serving in combat. He held a fundraiser for veterans but didn’t disperse the funds until he was prodded by the media about monies raised. He also dodged the draft with five deferments, including one instance in which he claimed to suffer from bone spurs in his foot. But when questioned, Trump couldn’t remember which of his feet were afflicted. Later his campaign released a statement, which said both of his feet suffered from the condition. He insulted the record of former P.O.W. John McCain. Does any of this sound like a man who has the utmost respect for our armed forces?

Four American lives were lost in Niger on October 4th. Donald Trump, self-proclaimed patriot, didn’t bother to mention their deaths until October 16th. Twelve days passed before Donald Trump, President of the United States and supposed champion of our great military, bothered to mention their names. He only did so after being questioned by a reporter. It’s been reported that the attack was carried out by members of ISIS, the same terrorist group that Trump has claimed victory against, without any proof whatsoever. If this is true, then Trump allowed his hubris to impede good judgment and protocol. What transpired next, can only be described as normal within an administration wrought with incompetence and stupidity.

Donald Trump made a mockery of a call of condolence to the family of fallen soldier La David Johnson, lied about it and his deplorable minions covered for him with more lies. For a self-professed patriot, this was an unforgivable sin. Trump lied about the content of his call, lied about calling the families of other slain servicemen and doubled down, impugning the reputations of past presidents and stating that they didn’t do as much as him in this regard.

The controversy over his call could have easily been diffused, with real compassion and common sense, neither of which Donald Trump has. Trump could’ve apologized for any misunderstanding and redoubled efforts to show proper respect with a heartfelt display of empathy. However, it’s not in his nature. His is the nature of a rebellious child, who’s been told to stand in the corner and draws on the wall. Ego and ignorance led Trump to lie, and cowardice led his enablers to empower his lies and stupidity.

In the ensuing twelve days between the time of the demise of our fallen soldiers and his public acknowledgment, Trump continued his attack on the NFL calling their patriotism in question. What must be understood is that his position has nothing to do with his fraudulent love of the flag. His attack is fueled by greed and bigotry. Trump attempted to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014 and was denied entrance into the exclusive boys club. This is after famously making a fool of himself, while simultaneously bankrupting the league when he led the now-defunct USFL, into a court battle against the NFL and was summarily crushed. The USFL was a fairly successful venture until the idiocy of Donald Trump came into play.

The other stunningly obvious reason for his war on football is his unmitigated bigotry and that of his supporters. Trump is playing the race card by inflaming the emotions of his bigoted base, who are wholly threatened by the concept of wealthy men of color fighting for change. Trump went as far to initiate a fake protest by his despicable underling, Mike Pence. He cost taxpayers over $250,000 for a hoax designed to further divide the nation. For twelve days Trump also continued golfing and his dimwitted use of social media.


Trump’s narcissism is being enabled by everyone around him. His con game is moved forward by his sad sack administration. Once respected, John Kelly, has proven that he is not in the White House to keep Trump in line, but rather to fall in line with the Trump vision. Kelly forever tarnished his legacy by committing classic Trumpisms of dishonesty and distortions. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has repeatedly proven there was never a lie or fabrication that she wouldn’t bestow upon American citizens. The entire White House staff colluded in Trump’s deception when they scrambled to form a list of soldiers killed in action, so Trump could contact them, after saying he had already done so. Where exactly is his profound patriotism in any of this? You won’t find it because it doesn’t exist.

Donald Trump is a shameless liar, a conniving con artist, an emotional wreck who is intellectually deficient and historically incompetent. But make no mistake. Donald Trump is not now or ever was a patriot. #RESIST…

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