Watch Mentally Gone Trump Break Down Into Incoherent Babble When Asked About Tax Cuts

Trump declining mental state was evident when he was asked about tax cuts for high-income earners, and he melted down into babbling about a ring Bob Kraft gave him.


Transcript of Trump on Fox Business:

BARTIROMO: If the top earners pay 80 percent of the taxes why are you so afraid to cut taxes on the top earners?

TRUMP: I think this, look, you know, I am very happy with the way I’ve done part of this in my civilian life, all right.

BARTIROMO: Of course. This is not about —

TRUMP: Other people — well it’s about me representing rich people.


TRUMP: Representing — being representative of rich people. Very interesting to me Bob Kraft was down. He was very nice. He owns the Patriots. He gave me a Super Bowl ring a month ago. And he —

BARTIROMO: We’ll Putin took his

TRUMP: Which was very nice. That’s right. But he left this beautiful ring and I immediately give it to the White House and they put it some place and that’s the way it is.

BARTIROMO: That’s great.

Trump went on to repeat his now worn out yarn about how Bob Kraft told him to give the tax cuts to the middle-income people, but it was clear that Trump had no clue how to answer the question. There is some doubt as to whether or not he understood the question at all. The White House won’t let Trump do interviews with objective journalists because they believe that he has mentally lost a step. It is clear that Trump has lost more than a step.

The President can no longer adequately bluff his way through questions even those that come from friendly media. Never has a president looked so out of step and in over his head as Trump does. There is no plan. THere is no leadership. The lights are on, but no one is home, as Donald Trump is America’s first mentally vacant president.