The White House Is Now Refusing To Tell You When Donald Trump Is Playing Golf

The White House is going to absurd lengths to keep Trump’s waste of taxpayer money a secret. They are now refusing to tell the press when the President is playing golf.

On Saturday and Sunday, the White House refused to tell reporters that Donald Trump was spending his weekend playing golf:

The White House doesn’t belong to Donald Trump. The President does not get to waste tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds and refuse to tell the American people what he is doing with their cash. If Trump wants to golf every weekend, there is a simple solution that would allow him to do so. All he has to do is resign as president.

The underlying problem is bigger than whether or not Trump tells the American people that he is playing golf. The larger issue is that Trump does not want to be held accountable for his decision to play golf instead of doing his job.

Trump is trying to hide his activities from you, which is why you must demand that every weekend of political coverage must note if Donald Trump is playing golf.