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Trump Email Scandal Explodes As Democrats Close In On Subpoenaing Jared Kushner’s Emails

Rep Trey Gowdy has gone so far out of his way to enable Donald Trump’s family to avoid email laws that Democrats are moving closer to pushing for a vote on subpoenaing Jared Kushner’s emails.


Here is the letter from Rep. Cummings (D-MD) to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC):

We’ve seen this Republican behavior on the Russia scandal as well. House Republicans are using their majority to protect Trump and his administration. The hypocrisy of Republicans helping Jared Kushner hide his emails while spending years making an issue out of the bogus Hillary Clinton email scandal is unavoidable. Trey Gowdy is stopping Democrats from getting Kushner’s emails by not joining the request for documents and a briefing.

After getting busted for using private email accounts to conduct government business, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump moved their email accounts to the Trump Organization (private server). There are many valid questions that need answers, and Democrats are willing to force a vote on a subpoena of Kushner to get those documents and answers.

The scenario unfolding in the House Oversight Committee shows why the midterm election is so important. If Democrats take back the House, there will be subpoenas. There will be investigations, and Trump’s presidency will grind to a halt.

The real email scandal was never Hillary Clinton. It is the Trump family’s violation of the Presidential Records Act. Republicans have a choice. They can either get onboard with an investigation of Trump, or they can be washed out to sea by the building Democratic tidal wave that is poised to take over the House.

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