Trump Walks Away From Reporters As They Ask About The Niger Ambush That Is His Benghazi

Reporters asked Trump about the Niger ambush, and if he had a response to La David Johnson’s widow Myeshia’s statement that his phone call made her cry more, but the usually talkative president had nothing to say and walked away from reporters.


Reporters asked Trump, “Can you tell the public what happened in Niger?, and Do you have a response to Myeshia Johnson, Mr. President?”

The response from Trump was to ignore the questions and walk away.

A real president would not ignore a question about an ambush that got four members of the US military killed. A real president would not ignore the feelings of grieving widow who he insulted and cry even more. A true leader would embrace accountability and answer questions from the press.

America no longer has that kind of president. What the country has now is a man who has zero respect for the troops and their families. The Oval Office is occupied by a man who takes your time of greatest sorrow and makes you feel worse.

Trump should be held accountable for what happened in Niger. He owes Myeshia Johnson, and the rest of the Johnson family an apology. A coward who despises democracy runs away from questions. Donald Trump will never have what it takes to be a president that earns the respect of the American people.

The Green Berets who lost their lives in Niger didn’t run, but Trump can’t even look America in the eye and answer questions.