U.S. And Syria Only Remaining Countries Opposed To Paris Climate Deal As Nicaragua Signs On

In the latest Trump-caused international embarrassment for the United States of America, the U.S. and Syria are officially the only two remaining countries opposed to the Paris climate accord.

This comes after the Guardian reported Monday that Nicaragua has officially signed onto the agreement, leaving just two holdouts.

While Trump announced that he was pulling the United States out of the deal over the summer, Nicaragua’s move on Monday to put its support behind the deal adds a new level of shame to the president’s decision.

Instead of America being aligned with nearly 200 nations across the globe that have committed themselves to fighting climate change, the United States now stands only with Syria, a country run by a brutal thug who uses chemical weapons against his own people.

Of course, none of that – combating the threat of climate change or avoiding the pathetic optics of aligning the U.S. with Syria – is relevant to Donald Trump.

Instead, what is important to this petty president is undoing the legacy of Barack Obama. It’s been the core tenet of Trump’s failing presidency since day one, when Trump forced his press secretary to lie about the crowd size at his inauguration compared to the attendance seen by his predecessor.

Trump’s obsession with tearing down Obama was evident most recently when Trump lied about his predecessor’s treatment of Gold Star families when he was asked about the recent attack in Niger, which resulted in four dead U.S. soldiers.

There is no low to which this president won’t stoop in order to take a shot at Obama.

When it comes to the sweeping Paris climate accord, pulling out of the agreement orchestrated by the 44th president is worth it to Trump if it can hurt his predecessor’s legacy even a little bit.

In short, Donald Trump would rather make common cause with Bashar al-Assad than Barack Obama.