Watch A Democratic Senator Stand In The Halls Of Congress And Call Trump A Sexual Predator

Sen. Mazie Hirono spoke from the halls of the Senate to MSNBC where she called the President Of The United States a sexual predator.

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Sen. Hirono was asked if progress had been made. She answered in part, “It is pervasive, and obviously we haven’t eradicated this kind of unwanted sexual attention and innuendo. Practically, every woman that I know has experienced this to some degree, and as I said, it’s not cute. It’s not fun, and when you have the President who admits to being a sexual predator, it just goes to show how we objectify women in our culture. We must start somewhere, and that’s why I think it’s important for us to take this moment and step forward to stand in solidarity and enable more women to just come out and talk about it, and you know, I hope that this results in the guys, because you know, it’s usually the guys hassling us to think twice before they say stupid things to us.”

One of the most shameful, but revealing episodes of the presidential campaign, was when Donald Trump admitted that he was a sexual predator, and the male-dominated mainstream press shrugged it off and went back to talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Donald Trump isn’t the beginning or end of the problem. Until male culture changes and men start standing up when they see and hear a woman being harassed, until all of the Bill O’Reillys and Harvey Weinsteins are held accountable, until our society changes and starts treating predatory sexual behavior as a crime and not “locker room talk,” our country will be diminished by this issue.

Trump is a sexual predator, and not a day should go by without every American being reminded of this fact.

Sen. Hirono continues to do her country a great service by talking about things that the male-dominated media don’t want to hear.

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