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The White House Announces That Trump Won’t Apologize To The Family Of La David Johnson

The White House has announced that they have no plans to reach out again to the family of the fallen Green Beret that Trump disrespected, La David Johnson.

The administration is telling reporters:

The White House is going to allow Trump to call a grieving Army widow a liar, and do nothing to try to make the situation right. This is such an easy fix. If Trump wasn’t a heartless sociopath, he could apologize for his poor choice of words, but this White House doesn’t apologize. They specialize in taking bad situations and making them worse by doubling and tripling down on their lies and previous comments.

The wife and family of La David Johnson deserve an apology.

The President Of The United States should never speak to the family of a person who sacrificed their life for their country in the way that Trump spoke to Myeshia Johnson. More Gold Star families who have been neglected, disrespected or ignored by Trump need to speak out. Trump disrespected the Gold Star Khan family during the campaign, and now he has disrespected the Johnsons.

They aren’t the only ones.

The White House is trying to bury this scandal, which is why patriots of all varieties need to speak out against the behavior of this president.

Silence is enabling, and we can’t allow this president to be normalized.

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