Republican Sen. Bob Corker Unloads And Says Trump Is Debasing Our Country

Republican Sen. Bob Corker (TN) kept speaking the truth about Trump on Tuesday as he said that the Presidents should bring everyone together, not debase our country.

Video of Corker on CBS This Morning:

Sen. Corker was about his concerns about the President’s fitness for office. He answered, “Well, look, I’ve gotten to know the President in a very unique way over the course of the last year, and I guess like all Americans I would have hoped that he would rise to the occasion and bring out the best in our nation, Charlie. Hopefully, what presidents do is to try to bring the country together to unify around common goals, not to debase our country if you will, and that has not happened. I’m beginning to believe that’s not going to happen, and I think that’s what President Bush, President Obama, many others are concerned about, as it appears to be the governing model of this White House to purposely divide. I mean that’s what happened after the Virginia incident. It’s to consolidate the base, not to bring people together and bring out the better angels of those people in our country.”

Corker admitted that he hopes, but he doesn’t hold out a lot of hope that a different course of action can be taken.

What makes Corker’s comments so amazing is that one of the highest elected Republicans in the land is going on national television and saying that his own party’s president is intentionally governing by dividing America. Sen. Corker is free to speak the truth because he is retiring. Republicans in the House and Senate are so terrified of getting primaried that they enable Trump through a culture of silence. Trump should have been stopped during the Republican presidential primary, but Republicans were too weak and stuffed with self-interest and greed to do what is right.

Donald Trump is a cancer on the body of democracy. His malignancy is division, but the President and his party are about to find out unity is the electoral cure for the disease that Trump spreads.