Toddler Trump Won’t Attend A Key Summit Because It Will Make Him Tired And Cranky

The White House is having Trump skip the East Asia Summit and come home a day early because they are afraid that the toddler president will be tired and cranky after traveling.

The Washington Post reported, “Multiple administration officials told me there was a lengthy debate inside the Trump administration about the summit, but officials close to Trump were concerned the president did not want to stay in the region for so long and worried he could get cranky, leading to unpredictable or undiplomatic behavior.”

Sen. Bob Corker was correct. The presidency is now an adult day care center with Trump in office. Donald Trump lacks the stamina and energy to carry out the duties required of him by the Constitution. The White House can’t keep on the road for too long or else he gets cranky and his behavior becomes even more unpredictable. The White House staff doesn’t advise and work with Trump. They babysit him.

The President Of The United States can’t attend a vital and important summit because all of that travel makes him cranky.

The presidency is being neglected by a 71-year-old man who would rather be playing golf than doing the job that he was elected to do.