The American People Eviscerate Trump With Brutal Personal Criticism In New Poll


Americans don’t just politically disagree with Trump. They are in a state of open contempt of his personality and behavior.

The Morning Consult/Politico Poll, which is more Trump favorable than other polls, had the following results when asked their respondents were asked about Trump’s personal attributes:

Asked whether the below characteristics apply to Trump, the following percentage of voters said yes:


Reckless: 56%

Thin-skinned: 52%

Sexist: 50%

Racist: 45%

Knowledgeable: 42%

Strong leader: 39%

Honest: 35%

Keeps his promises: 34%

Cares about people like me: 34%

Compassionate: 33%

Stable: 33%

Just one-third of respondents believed that the President Of The United States is mentally stable. Trump is failing as president because of who he is. The American people think that Trump is mentally unstable, dishonest, uncaring, sexist, racist, who isn’t knowledgeable, but is reckless and thin-skinned, which sums up the Trump presidency pretty well.

The poll suggests that the American people are paying attention to what this president is doing, and the door is wide open in 2020 for a Democratic candidate who runs a positive campaign and promises a presidency that America can be proud of. The policies being championed by Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress are a problem, but the bigger issue is Trump himself. Donald Trump is the least likable president in US history.

The difference between Trump and other presidents is that he insists on broadcasting his personality on Twitter to the American people every single day. Americans loathe Trump, and one gets the sense that they are counting the days until they can get him out of office.