Nancy Pelosi Tells Democrats They’ll Soon Be The Majority If Republicans Continue To Crash and Burn

At a closed-door meeting with her fellow Democrats, House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi told her caucus that they would take back the House next year if Republicans continue to fail.

Politico reported:
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is convinced another GOP crash-and-burn would likely hand Democrats the House next year, so there’s no political upside to playing ball.

“You will be in the majority” if Republicans continue to stumble, Pelosi said during a closed-door caucus meeting on Tuesday, according to sources in the room.

Pelosi’s comments are backed up by increasing nervousness from House Republicans, including those who are begging voters to give them more time to get something done, that their House majority is in serious jeopardy. The wave of Republican incumbent retirements combined with sluggish fundraising in the face of a Democratic Party that has seen qualified first-time candidates and record-setting fundraising has created a climate where the House could easily belong to the Democrats by January 2019.

Nancy Pelosi is right. Why should Democrats help Republicans keep the majority? Republicans have given Democrats no voice in this Congress. There is no reason for Democrats to help Republicans out of the mess that they are creating for themselves.

Republicans are failing, and by this time next year, the House could be getting ready to flip to Democrats.