Trump Arrives In Dallas And Is Immediately Greeted By A F*ck You Trump Sign

Trump can’t go anywhere without feeling the hate. In Dallas, the President was greeted with a f*ck you Trump sign.

Via the White House Press Pool as provided to PoliticusUSA:

A crowd of several hundred held signs that read “SHAME” and “Liar Liar” and “Save U.S. Impeach” and one in neon pink that read “Fuck you Trump” and “Trump that boy don’t act right”

Donald Trump is living in his own fantasy land, but when he steps into the real world, he gets told that he has committed treason while being pelted with Russian flags and a dose of how America really feels about him in sign form.

There has never been a president in the mass media age who has been as openly reviled from the time he took office as Donald Trump has been, and this president has earned every ounce of scorn and contempt that has been heaped upon.

Presidents reap what they sow in their campaigns. Trump ran an ugly, divisive, and mean campaign, so it is logical the attitude towards his presidency is a mirror of his own behavior.

Trump can’t even go to red state Texas without being told off.

Americans don’t like Trump, and they aren’t afraid to tell him to his face how much they can’t stand his presence in the Oval Office. Trump can’t run. Trump can’t hide. Wherever he goes, this president is despised.