Anti-Trump Wave Coming In 2018 As Democrats Hold 15-Point Lead Over Republicans

As more key Republicans speak out against Donald Trump and others announce they’re leaving Congress altogether, a brand new Fox News poll out Wednesday shows it’s all for a very good reason.

According to Fox News, Democrats have a stunning 15-point advantage over Republicans in a generic ballot match-up, with midterm campaign season around the corner.

The survey found that 50 percent of Americans would vote for a Democratic candidate in an election held today, while just 35 percent say they would pull the lever for a Republican.

As The Hill noted on Wednesday, that’s a 10-point drop for the GOP after the same Fox poll released a year ago showed Democrats and Republicans tied at 45 percent in a generic ballot contest.

The results come on the heels of what could be the worst week of Trump’s presidency to date, which in itself is a pretty huge accomplishment given how disastrous this president has been.

Not only has the commander-in-chief spent this week hurling insults via Twitter at a grieving Gold Star widow, but a growing number of Republicans – from former presidents to key U.S. Senators – are sounding the alarm on the danger Trump poses to the country.

With Trump unwilling and incapable of changing his behavior, there will likely be more weeks like this going forward, not fewer. That will make it unlikely for the president to win public support for any of his agenda items, and a growing number of Republicans in Congress will likely feel an increasing amount of political pressure to jump ship.

There is no question that Donald Trump’s presidency will be a stain on the Republican Party for decades to come, but the midterm elections will give us a first look at the short-term consequences of this president – and, so far, it looks disastrous for the GOP.