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Trump Is So Out Of It That He Doesn’t Even Know Where He Is Going In China

Trump appears to have no idea what is going on, as he knows he is going to China, but he doesn’t know exactly where he is going.

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DOBBS: Hopefully the whole world. Anything to report to America on your conversation with President Xi?

TRUMP: No, but I’ll be going there in two weeks.

DOBBS: Right.

TRUMP: And we’re going to Beijing and other places, wherever he’d like to take me. And we’ll be spending two days there. And we’re going also to Japan and South Korea. And it will be, I think — hopefully it’s historic and positive and we have to solve the North Korea problem. It’s a very big problem.

The President Of The United States is going to be loaded on to Air Force One by one of his handlers, flown to China, and then led around. Trump is making America look bad. He is a tired old man who can’t handle the job. The President should know where he is going. This president especially should know where he is going because he has so little occupying his mind. Trump spends most of his time tweeting, watching Fox News, and playing golf, so one would think that he could squeeze in at least a minimum of curiosity about where he is going.

Sen. Bob Corker nailed it. The White House is now a taxpayer-funded adult daycare center, as out of it Trump doesn’t know where he is going, and doesn’t seem to care.

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