Trump Jr. Throws A Tantrum After Media Doesn’t Praise His Daddy For Not Screwing Up A Phone Call

Donald Trump Jr. threw a fit because his daddy managed to make a phone call without screwing it up, and the media didn’t throw the President a parade.

Trump Jr. was very upset that CNN didn’t go into breaking news over Trump keeping it together during a phone call:

The widow that Trump managed to be respectful to happened to be white, but that couldn’t possibly be the reason why President Bad People On Both Sides was able to last the length of an entire phone call without disrespecting her dead husband or insulting her family.

The Trump clan wants the bar to be set that low for the President. It shouldn’t be newsworthy when a president calls an Army widow without causing a national controversy. Presidents are supposed to be able to make condolence calls. It is part of the job. It is also something that any decent human being should be able to do on the first try.

Donald Trump and his family don’t get a national holiday everytime the president doesn’t screw something up. That is not how the most important job in the world works.

Trump will never be able to live up to the expected standards of the presidency, which is why he and his family are tirelessly working to lower the bar.

Expect more, and never settle for less from any president, especially not Donald J. Trump.

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