Trump Is Trying To Sabotage The Russia Investigation By Demanding All Of Clinton’s Emails

Trump is getting desperate and trying to sabotage the Russia investigation by using Hillary Clinton’s emails to show FBI and Comey misconduct.

CNN reported, “President Donald Trump has made it clear to the State Department that he wants to accelerate the release of any remaining Hillary Clinton emails in its possession as soon as possible, according to three sources familiar with the President’s thinking.”

The administration argues that the release of the remaining emails is about transparency, but it is impossible to take their claims seriously when Trump has done everything imaginable to undercut transparency in his administration. This President won’t tell the American people when he goes golfing, so it is not believable that he would care about transparency in respect to Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Trump is trying to undercut the credibility of James Comey, which means that he is afraid of an obstruction of justice charge.

Republicans are trying to distract and deflect, but equally as important are their efforts to discredit.

Trump and his party are engaging in a full-blown campaign to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller and James Comey. The White House isn’t fooling anyone. Trump is trying to kill the Russia investigation because, at a minimum, his Russia secrets will destroy his presidency.