Fox Melts Down Over Russia Charges And Demands Investigation Of The “Clinton Administration”


Trump mouthpiece Cory Lewandowski was on Fox and Friends where he demanded that the focus be on the “Clinton administration,” instead of Trump. The problem is that there is no Hillary Clinton administration. She’s not the president.


Lewandowski said, “The dam is breaking. We’re never going to be able to hold the water back. Give me a break. Ok. Look, the speculation is so insane right now. What we should be focusing on are the continued lies of the Clinton administration. The continued fallacies that they perpetuate.”


There is no Hillary Clinton administration. Fox News has finally done it. Fox has spun itself off into its own parallel universe where Hillary Clinton is president as she is the one who must be investigated. Fox News is Trump’s favorite television for a reason. They are detached from reality. The focus should not be on Hillary Clinton because she didn’t collude with Russia to win the election. It is an inconvenient fact for Fox, but Hillary Clinton is not the President Of The United States.

Fox News is selling a total denial of reality to its viewers. The network is not trying to spin the news in a conservative direction. They are inventing their own news and scandals to do battle with reality.

The Trump presidency is crumbling, and not even Fox News has enough lie super glue to put it back together again.