Fox News Waited Six Hours Before Reporting Explosive News That First Russia Charges Were Filed


While political world was rocked on Friday by the news that Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation netted its first charges, that didn’t seem to be the case on Fox News.

Instead, the Donald Trump propaganda network held off on reporting the biggest development in the investigation for at least six hours from Friday night into early Saturday morning,

As Former Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor Col. Morris Davis pointed out on Twitter Saturday morning, Fox News didn’t chime in with a report on the development until 3:00 a.m., more than six hours after the news first broke on CNN.


Not only did Fox News seemingly brush off the story until the world was sound asleep, but as Morris also pointed out, they spent the time in between perpetuating more lies about Hillary Clinton.

Trump, his Republican allies in Congress and Fox News know their increasingly desperate, years-old accusations against Clinton – whether it’s her campaign helping fund the Russia dossier or the debunked myth that she approved the so-called Uranian One deal with Russia in exchange for Clinton Foundation contributions – are all nonsense.

But the explosive news late Friday that the first charges have been filed in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is putting the Trump-Fox propaganda blitz in a new perspective.

It’s now clear that none of the behavior on the part of the White House, the Republican Congress and Fox News came out of thin air. Sensing a major development in the Mueller investigation, they’ve spent the past week going on a coordinated propaganda blitz.

But with the first arrest in the Russia scandal coming as early as Monday, it’ll be hard for the White House and their friends at Fox News to convince the American people that this is fake news.