Fox News And Trey Gowdy Team Up On A Sad Effort To Discredit The Russia Investigation

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Fox News Sunday tried as hard as they could to discredit the Russia investigation, but all that their attempt did was show how pathetic and sad their efforts to save Trump have become.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: Let’s turn to the revelation this week that it turns out that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the opposition research that led to the writing, the formulation, of this Russian dossier that has made all kinds of accusations against President Trump and his campaign.

What do you think is the significance of that revelation?

GOWDY: Well, one of the areas of significance is just how hard the Democrats in Congress fault Republicans for trying to gain access to this information. If it were up to Adam Schiff and other Democrats, who, of course, want all the facts to come out, they want all the facts of Russia to come out, except who finance the dossier. So, that’s the most important thing to me is how unserious the Democrats in the House have been about uncovering all of the facts.

I am interested in who paid for the dossier because that helps you understand motive and intent and whether or not you can rely on the document. I am much more interested in whether or not the Department of Justice and the FBI relied upon that dossier and initiating a counterintelligence investigation or in court findings. That is really important to me.

I don’t expect the DNC to be objective. Almost by definition, opposition research is not objective. I do expect an entity represented by a blindfolded woman to be objective. And if they relied on that dossier and they didn’t corroborate it or vet it, then we have a serious issue and that’s the next thing that House Intel is trying to find out, is whether or not the U.S. government relied on it.

This is just sad.

Rep. Gowdy knows better. Gowdy knows that the research was first funded by a conservative. He also knows that the funding source for the opposition research doesn’t go to motive because by definition oppo research is about discovering information about an opponent that they would like to keep secret. Notice how Fox News Sunday structured the question so that non-revelation that they were trying to spin was placed on equal footing with the criminal indictment related to the Russia investigation that will be unsealed on Monday.

Fox and Republicans aren’t making the slightest effort to debate facts and merit. The whole strategy is to elevate a bogus counterclaim to the height of the real investigation.

The Republican Party and their media can’t defend Trump on Russia, so the inflation of the dossier payment is a last-gasp bid to save a sinking president.