Opinion: Trump Spin Tactics Are A Clear Sign Of His Guilt

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on Donald Trump, and like a wounded animal, Trump is doing everything conceivable to survive. Trump has returned to his familiar playbook of lies, distraction, and distortion to delude Americans and shift the searing light of suspicion from himself onto Hillary Clinton. From the outset of this investigation, Donald Trump has behaved like a guilty man, and nothing has changed to alter that perception. The president has conducted himself like a criminal throughout his campaign and presidency.

Trump first tried to curry favor from former FBI Director, James Comey and when that was unsuccessful, he removed Comey from his position. Trump has floated the idea of pardoning not just his campaign minions but himself as well if they were to be found guilty of crimes. He has tried to obstruct the investigation and invalidate those investigating him. What he hasn’t done is act like a man with nothing to hide.

American intelligence agencies have concluded beyond reasonable doubt that Russia interfered with our presidential election. Donald Trump has demeaned and belittled those same agencies questioning their loyalty and overall competence. The president has publicly ridiculed United States Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, for the crime of recusing himself from the Russian investigation.

Congress introduced punitive sanctions against Russia that Donald Trump has thus far refused to enact. Trump has repeatedly shown more reverence and respect to Vladimir Putin and Russia than he has to American representatives. During the presidential campaign, Trump stood at the podium and asked Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails. These are not the actions of a man with nothing to hide and devoid of guilt.

Donald Trump is neither trustworthy, believable or competent. His flaws are dangerous and detrimental to democracy. He continues to attack the free press while pushing his lies and propaganda through Fox News. He’s calling on the GOP to stand up to his critics. Nothing he does suggests innocence, and he must be held accountable for his actions.

If Donald Trump were indeed innocent of collusion and obstruction of justice, he would welcome this investigation with open arms. Upon being cleared of all charges, he would finally have tangible proof of being the target of a witch hunt. His cries of fake news would be validated. Instead, he has tried to stand in the way of the investigation every step of the way. He is a guilty man.

Trump has been enabled and supported by the GOP. When justice finally comes for Trump, we cannot be swayed by the inevitable spin that republicans will put on the situation. They too are guilty of the subversion and sabotage of our government. As right-minded citizens, we must do everything in our power to remove Republicans from their position of strength. Donald Trump is merely a symptom. The GOP is the disease. #RESIST….

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