Trump Is Having A Real Time Frantic Unraveling Over The Russia Investigation Criminal Charges

On Sunday morning, Donald Trump gave America a glimpse of his state of frantic panic with a real-time outburst on Twitter that is directly related to the first criminal charges being approved in the Russia investigation.

Trump tweeted:

The President’s tweets are a bullhorn to the American people screaming of guilt. Trump’s tweets were loaded with lies. For example, the Steele Dossier wasn’t Clinton made. The research was initially funded by a conservative, and every report states that Steele worked independently of his funders. The dossier is opposition research, not campaign materials. Trump also openly states his belief that James Comey was part of a conspiracy against him. It isn’t Democrats that are using the Russia investigation for anything. There is a special counsel, and he just filed his first criminal charges related to the Trump campaign and Russia collusion.

Trump is living in that dark place of conspiracy and denial that no president’s mind has resided in such Richard Nixon. The President believes that he can make the Russia scandal go away with endless lies, but each lie digs him in a little deeper.

As the Russia investigation progresses, Donald Trump is unraveling on Twitter for the entire world to see.