Watch Joy Reid Destroy A Conservative Who Tried To Get Going On The Clinton Uranium Conspiracy

MSNBC’s Joy Reid put on a clinic of how to destroy a conservative conspiracy theory when the topic of the Clinton Uranium One deal came up.


Jen Kerns of The Washington Examiner tried to rev up the Clinton uranium deal conspiracy, but Joy Reid completely derailed her by asked a few fact-based questions like who got the money when the Canadian company was sold to the Russian company, who approved the sale, how the sale was approved, did Hillary Clinton sit personally on that deal, and did the person who donated to Clinton own any resources in Uranium One at the time?

In less than two minutes Reid unspooled a conspiracy that is being pushed by Trump and the RNC and showed it to be nothing more than conservatives connecting two unrelated events to cook up a conspiracy.

You won’t see anyone on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, or Fox News do what Joy Reid did. She prepared with the facts, but facts aren’t enough. Conservatives are experts at drowning out fact-based arguments with conspiracies. What Reid did that was so effective was that she was able to quickly and crisply communicate the facts while not allowing her conservative guess to spin off on any wild tangents.

Facts by themselves aren’t enough. It takes an ability to hem in the discussion take the oxygen out of the conspiracy to kill it.

Joy Reid was great, and every person who is interested in how to win an argument with the right would do well to watch this video and learn how it is done.

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