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Carter Page Admits On Live TV That He May Have Talked Russia With Indicted Trump Associate

Former Donald Trump associate Carter Page admitted on live television on Monday that he may have spoken about Russia with indicted ex-Trump adviser George Papadopoulos.

When asked by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes whether he was on email chains about Russia with Papadopoulos via, Page said, “It may have come up from time to time.”


The eye-opening exchange between the MSNBC host and the ex-Trump associate:

HAYES:  Were you guys on email chains together, you and Papadopoulos?

PAGE: Look, there’s a lot of emails all over the place when you’re in a campaign.

HAYES: Right, but yes or no, were you in email chains with Papadopoulos?

PAGE: Probably a few, yeah.

HAYES: Were you in email chains with him about Russia?

PAGE: It may have come up from time to time. Again, there’s nothing major.

HAYES: Well, I mean ‘nothing major’. It was enough for him to lie to federal investigators about and then plead guilty to that he was having an intermediary come to him and saying you should come to London and talk to someone who’s got Hillary Clinton’s emails.

PAGE: Yeah, well, listen, I’ve been focused on other things today…

In a stunning moment, Page appeared to have incriminated himself by casually admitting that, yeah, he was on email chains with George Papadopoulos, who, according to charges unsealed Monday, attempted to connect the Trump campaign with Russia in an effort to hurt Hillary Clinton.

The Trump campaign’s argument is that Papadopoulos was essentially acting alone and the campaign denied his attempts to bring Russia into the fold, but Papadopoulos statements suggest, as The Huffington Post pointed out today, that other “high-ranking” Trump officials were involved, too.

The statements made by Carter Page in his stunning interview on Monday seem to confirm the fact that more Trump officials were involved, which means it wouldn’t be surprising to see – oh, I don’t know – Carter Page himself being asked to surrender to federal authorities next.

As Illinois Attorney General candidate Renato Mariotti tweeted on Monday, “There are a lot of foolish people in federal prison right now. Carter Page might join that number at some point. He isn’t helping himself.”

Ain’t that the truth.

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