Chris Matthews Shuts Down Trump Defender For Spewing Lies About Clinton-Uranian One Nonscandal

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews shut down former GOP congresswoman and Trump apologist Nan Hayworth on Monday after she refused to talk about today’s explosive indictments of close Trump associates.

Instead, like a broken record, Hayworth kept desperately shifting attention back to the nonscandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s so-called involvement in the Uranium One deal.

Matthews refused to let her off the hook for peddling the right-wing lie:

After Hayworth went on a ramble about the latest right-wing talking point – the Uranian One deal with Russia, which involved no criminal behavior on the part of Clinton – Matthews said:

What’s this got to do with Donald Trump’s problem right now? His campaign manager has just been indicted on huge numbers of counts that could put him away for 30 or 40 years. He is being squeezed by the special prosecutor. You’ve got (George) Papadopoulos who’s just come out – it turns out that he was getting overtures from the Russians just like Jared Kushner was getting them months later. There’s all evidence here that there was collusion or certainly close to collusion and you’re laughing because I know that technique. But that doesn’t exonerate Trump – laughing about it.

The former congresswoman said the reason for her laughter was because “the collusion was all very evidently on the Clinton side,” not the Trump campaign. Her evidence? Again, the Uranium One deal.

After fact-checking several of her false claims, Matthews dropped another reality check on the former congresswoman, telling Hayworth that, no matter how many times she repeats her debunked talking points, no serious individual really cares about these tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

The MSNBC host said:

Is what you’re saying now going to in any substantive way going to protect Trump’s operation from prosecution? … How can you say all we’re gonna have to do is wave this little distraction and everybody’s gonna think about something else? It doesn’t matter what right-wingers think about something else. What matters is the prosecution and the evidence they’re developing. And all your talk about distraction isn’t going to help your side.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what lie(s) Trump tweets on a given day, or what false narrative right-wing media plasters across its airwaves. What’s important, as Matthews said, is the evidence-based case that the special counsel Mueller continues to build as his far-reaching investigation continues to circle around Trump’s inner circle.

That couldn’t have been more clear today, as the first in what will likely be many charges hit three close Trump associates.

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