The Dominoes Are Falling As Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Indicted In Russia Scandal

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort arrived an FBI field office on Monday morning after he was told by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to surrender to law enforcement after being indicted in the Russia investigation.

Video clip of Manafort arriving to surrender:

Manafort’s right-hand man, Rick Gates, was also indicted which presents a problem for Republicans:

The White House will spend the day pretending that Paul Manafort had a small role in the campaign and that they don’t really know him. However, Trump was still in contact with Manafort as recently as this spring.

Manafort and Gates were indicted first because there is a mountain of evidence of Manafort illegal activities related to money laundering and Russia. The indictment of Gates serves as a reminder or why Republicans are covering for Trump. The Russia scandal is bigger than Trump. The Republican Party willingly turned a blind eye and climbed into bed with Putin, so this is as much a Republican scandal as it is a Trump scandal.

Manafort was the low hanging fruit. The indictments and investigations are only beginning, as the Russia scandal is about to explode into a story that dominates American politics.

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