Special Counsel Robert Mueller May Have Incriminating Tapes On The Trump White House

According to a former federal prosecutor said that anyone in Trump’s orbit who talked to George Papadopoulos since July should be thinking hard about what they said because Mueller may have had his cooperating witness making tapes to use in the prosecution of others.

Bloomberg Politics reported:

Jeffrey Cramer, a former federal prosecutor who’s now managing director of consulting firm Berkeley Research Group LLC, said that after Papadopoulos’s arrest in July, Mueller may have used him to make recordings that could result in charges against others.

“Anyone who’s had a conversation with that guy since July until last night should be thinking about what they said to him,” Cramer said.

Trump set himself up for this by having no campaign operation and then transferring so much of his campaign operation into the White House.

A real presidential campaign would have a wall of lawyers and experts that could put an end to any Russian attempts to infiltrate the campaign. A real campaign would have also been run by professionals who would have cleaned out any pro-Putin elements in the organization and kept the candidate away from such a terrible idea as colluding with Russia.

Trump had no real campaign. Instead, he had a cult of amateurs who catered to his whims. Judging from Trump’s own remarks, he sees nothing wrong with colluding with Putin, and this culture of collusion followed Trump into his White House staff that is filled with some of the same people who were involved with the campaign.

If Trump brings in a fresh and competent White House staff, Special Counsel Robert Mueller couldn’t use a cooperative witness to possibly connect the scandal to the White House. Trump is freaking out because the Russia scandal now a full-blown inferno. What he and Republicans aren’t acknowledging is that Trump made it easy through corruption, incompetence, and illegality for Robert Mueller to come and get him.

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