Trump Gets A Halloween Fright As Support For His Impeachment Reaches A Record High

A new PPP survey found that support for impeaching Donald Trump has reached a record high and that more voters favor impeaching Trump than favor keeping him in office.

According to Public Policy Polling, “PPP’s newest national poll finds a record level of support for impeaching Donald Trump. 49% of voters support impeaching him, to 41% who are opposed to doing so. This marks the 6th month in a row we’ve found a plurality of voters in favor of impeaching Trump, and it’s the closest we’ve found to a majority. Trump’s approval rating has declined by a net 7 points in the last month. In September we found him at a -11 spread with 42% of voters approving of him to 53% who disapproved. Now he’s at -18 with 38% of voters approving of him to 56% who disapprove.”

There is little hope for a public opinion turnout since the combination of Trump’s personality, behavior, actions as president, conflicts of interest, the air of corruption surrounding the administration, and scandals have all come together to form a dynamic where Trump only has one direction to go, and that’s down.

Donald Trump has no upside. The economy is showing signs of slowing down and is underperforming under Trump compared when Obama left office.

As the Russia scandal expands, Trump’s presidency will be increasingly consumed.

It is a recipe for failure the likes of which the country has not seen in modern presidential history. The President isn’t trying to govern the entire country. Every move that his administration makes is a calculated appeal to 37%-40% of voters.

If Democrats take back Congress in 2018, impeachment will be more than viable. It may be politically popular.