Trump Has Officially Become A National Joke As 72% Of America Is Embarrassed By His Behavior

As the Russia investigation continues to tighten around the White House and Donald Trump becomes increasingly unstable, most of the country is embarrassed by his personal behavior.

According to a new poll, nearly three-quarters of America is embarrassed by the president’s behavior since taking office.

In a CBS News poll released Wednesday, 72 percent of respondents said they “dislike the way Trump personally conducts himself as president.” Just 25 percent

The troubling aspect, of course, is that nearly 60 percent of GOPers see no problem at all with the reckless behavior coming from the Oval Office.

Screenshot of the CBS News survey results:

On paper, it seems stunning that so many Americans would write off a president before he’s even been in office for a full year, but it’s not at all surprising given Trump’s increasingly troubling conduct, particularly in recent weeks.

Aside from his usual childish Twitter behavior, the highlights of past few weeks include Trump’s inability to make a condolence call to a Gold Star widow, his subsequent lies about that call and his ongoing feud with said widow, four straight weekends of golf, and the explosive charges now faced by three former Trump campaign associates.

In light of all that, the fact that 72 percent Americans are troubled by Trump’s conduct is not the surprising number in the survey. The poll’s finding that 25 percent actually “like” how this president behaves is the real shocking result in the CBS News poll.

Trump has done his best to divide this country at every turn since he’s been a political figure. Most of the time, he is successful in doing that.

But it turns out that a wide majority of Americans do agree on one thing: Donald Trump does not conduct himself like a president should.