Watch Deteriorating Trump Stumble And Mispronounce Words At Cabinet Meeting

Trump was trying to read a statement about the New York terror attack before a cabinet meeting, but he had to keep referring back to his paper, stumbled over words, and mispronounced the word diversity repeatedly.


Something looked off with Trump. The White House has admitted that the President has lost a step in the past year, but he looks like he is more than a step behind. Donald Trump couldn’t even read a prepared statement without stumbling over his words and having to constantly look at his paper.

Reports of Trump shutting himself in the White House residence and watching cable news after the first indictments and witness flip in the Russia scandal did not adequately prepare the nation for the scene at the cabinet meeting.

Trump sounds unwell. The Russia investigation is visibly taking a toll on him.

The President is about to embark on a trip to Asia, and he frankly, looks and sounds unfit to travel.

As a candidate, Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton didn’t have the stamina to be president, but as president, Trump has shown that he is the individual who lacks the necessary energy to do the job. Donald Trump looks to be in a state of deterioration, and it is not unreasonable to wonder how much longer he can last in the presidency.

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