Sen. Al Franken Nails Jeff Sessions For His Endless Series Of Russia Lies

In a new letter, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) his position as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to call out Attorney General Jeff Sessions lies about Russia, and demand answers from Sessions about his false statements.

In a letter to Sessions, Franken wrote:

The letter goes on to demand answers from Sessions about his interactions with George Papadopoulos and attempts to set up a meeting between Trump and the Russians. Franken calls out Sessions for making contradictory statements and demanding in writing to know the truth.

Sen. Franken has been a constant thorn in the side of the Trump administration ever since Sessions lied about meeting with the Russian ambassador during his confirmation hearing. Al Franken knows that Jeff Sessions has perjured himself multiple times in sworn testimony in front of the United States. If there is one Trump administration official who is a Russia related domino ready to fall, it is Jeff Sessions.

The top law enforcement officer in the country can’t be a pathological liar when it comes to Trump/Russia collusion. Sessions is up to his eyeballs in the Russia scandal, and Sen. Al Franken is fighting hard to get to the truth behind Jeff Sessions’ Russia lies.