Attorney General Jeff Sessions Caught Red Handed In Second Massive Russia Collusion Lie

In news that surprises no one, President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been caught in yet another Russia-related lie. It turns out that George Papadopoulos suggested the idea of Trump meeting with Putin while Sessions was present.

Rep. Ted Lieu weighed in succinctly, saying on Twitter, “Turns out that Lyin’ Jeff Sessions … lied. Under oath.”

CNN reported, “According to court filings unsealed this week, Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos suggested at a March 2016 meeting that he could use his connections to set up a meeting between Putin and Trump with the then-GOP candidate’s national security team. An Instagram picture on Trump’s account shows Sessions attended the meeting at which Papadopoulos made the suggestion.”

Meeting with my national security team in #WashingtonDC. #Trump2016

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Furthermore, Trump declined to rule out the idea of meeting Putin. Sessions stepped in to reject the idea, according to a person who attended the meeting and spoke to CNN.

This is yet another example of Russia-related memory loss for the Attorney General, but magically Sessions’ memory returned:

Sessions also lied during his confirmation hearing when he denied meeting with the Russian ambassador during the campaign.

The phrase ‘lock him up’ has never been more appropriate, as Sessions may go from Attorney General to the inside of a jail cell.

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