The White House Admits That Trump Impeachment Is A Realistic Possibility

People inside the White House are distancing themselves from Trump and admitting that the impeachment of the President had become a real possibility.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported, “For the first time since the investigation began, the prospect of impeachment is being considered as a realistic outcome and not just a liberal fever dream. According to a source, advisers in the West Wing are on edge and doing whatever they can not to be ensnared. One person close to Dina Powell and Gary Cohn said they’re making sure to leave rooms if the subject of Russia comes up.”

Sherman also reported that the White House sees few good options for stopping Mueller.

Trump is raging, raving, and blaming Jared Kushner for his problems, but there is the only person to blame for this scandal, and that is Donald Trump. It is Trump whose odd behavior and denial of the hacking and Russian involvement in the election drew the FBI’s attention. It was Trump who fired James Comey, and it is Trump who has relentlessly tried to shut down the Russia investigation.

Members of the administration didn’t report communications with Russians on their security clearance forms. Trump hasn’t been transparent and honest at any point.

Impeachment is a realistic possibility because, at each fork in the road where Donald Trump and his campaign should have turned the Russians down and alerted authorities, they chose not to. Members of the Trump campaign decided to engage in criminal activity, and that is the only reason why impeachment is a realistic possibility.

Increasingly, it is not a question of if Trump will be impeached, but when.