Elizabeth Warren Sends Shivers Down Trump’s Spine By Telling Him His People Are Going To Jail

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) saw right through Trump’s attempt to distract from the Russia scandal and warned him that his tweets aren’t going to save his people from going to jail.

Warren tweeted in response to Trump attempt to use the DNC as a distraction:

Trump is desperate to change the subject. From picking fights with the NFL to insulting a grieving Army widow to trying to falsely equate Clinton and the DNC to the Russia scandal, Trump is trying to get people to pay attention to anything besides his crumbling criminal enterprise.

Donald Trump isn’t subtle or clever about what he is attempting to do. Trump won the election by getting the media to focus on Hillary Clinton’s emails. He is trying to save his presidency by trying to get people to focus on anything besides his crimes.

The President is a one-trick pony, and people have caught on. Trump’s people will be going to prison. The great unknown is whether or not Trump will be joining them.

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