Trump Shows Stunning Disrespect To The Military After Bergdahl Decision

Trump is supposed to the Commander in Chief, but he responded to the decision not to sentence Bowe Bergdahl to prison time with an outburst of stunning disrespect.

The President tweeted

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a man who insulted a grieving Army widow and attacks the US intelligence community on a regular basis would show such disrespect to a member of the military. Attacking judges is nothing new for Trump, but showing such blatant disrespect for the military while serving as president is something that would have gotten any other president tossed out of office.

Trump has lowered the bar on presidential behavior to such a degree that attacking the military barely merits a blip on the media’s radar.

This president is showing on an hourly basis that he is not fit for office, and he is an embarrassment to this country. Our people in uniform deserve than a president who can’t show them even the slightest modicum of the respect that they have earned.

The military needs a real leader, not a Russian installed puppet who dodged serving, but yet insults those who serve.