Trump’s Tax Plan Fraud Exposed As The Rich Get An Income Boost And Middle Class Get Nothing

A new non-partisan report exposes the big behind the Trump tax plan. The middle class and lower income people aren’t getting a cut. In fact, their taxes will go up under the Republican plan.

Here is a table based on data from the Joint Committee on Taxation that reveals the middle-class tax cut is a lie:

This chart shows that the plan is even worse for lower-income Americans who would see their taxes go up:

The worst part of these numbers is that they don’t include the benefit that the super rich would get from repealing the estate tax.

With rumblings from retiring Republican Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker that suggest that they might be no votes, Republicans are back to having no margin for error, but it never had to be this way. Republicans could have worked with Democrats on a real bipartisan middle-class tax plan, but they decided to go it alone and lie to people about their tax cuts for the rich.

Their plan is a fraud, and it doesn’t matter how quickly they try to jam it through Congress, people are finding out the truth.