Chris Matthews Calls Trump The ‘Groundhog Day’ Of Presidents: Same ‘Idiotic’ Stuff Every Day


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews summed up the Donald Trump presidency using classic Bill Murray flick ‘Groundhog Day’, saying each day of this presidency brings about the same “idiotic” conduct from Trump – and Trump’s inability to “mature” means his behavior will never change.

“Learning is politics,” Matthews said in an interview on AM Joy, explaining that Trump clearly isn’t capable of doing that.



In less than 30 seconds Matthews dismantled the way Trump conducts himself on a daily basis:

Learning is politics. Arthur Schlesinger once said that a political career is essentially a learning career. It’s like being a dentist – you gotta read the manuals. You gotta keep up. And this guy, Trump, is Groundhog Day. Every morning it’s the same idiotic, 6:30 the morning tweet. He never matures, he never learns anything about race or people or foreign policy.

One popular theory among the pundit class is that Trump will, at some point, decide that the presidency is too important to treat like a reality show. When he figures that out, the thinking goes, then he will pivot and start taking his job more seriously.

But as Matthews suggested on Saturday, that day is likely never going to come.

Instead, each day of this presidency is a rerun of the last, with Trump recklessly lashing out on Twitter about everything from television ratings to NFL players to his former 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, he has shown no interest in learning about or tackling complicated issues, whether domestic or foreign – from health care policy to the nuclear threat in North Korea.

There will never be a pivot from Donald Trump – it’s not in his DNA. Instead, the next three years will likely be filled with the same troubling nonsense we’ve seen over the past 10 months.