Finally, Kellyanne Conway Gets Called Out For Spreading Misinformation By CNN’s Brian Stelter

When Kellyanne Conway tried to lie and say that the Steele Dossier was completely unverified, CNN’s Brian Stelter called her out for spreading misinformation on his show.


Conway said, “CNN has been obsessed with this dossier for over a year now, and now that we know that the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid the same firm for said dossier, which is completely unverified, we can’t get you excited.”

Stelter called her out, “Parts of it have been verified. That is misformation that you’re spreading on my program Kellyanne, and I don’t appreciate it. Much of the dossier, you just said the entire dossier is unverified. That is inaccurate…Pieces of the dossier have been verified, and when you say it’s unverified, you actually mislead the American people.”

No one is sure what Kellyanne Conway’s job actually is. It appears that her job is to go on television and lie for Donald Trump. Stelter anticipated the complaints that he will get from viewers for booking her on his show. There is value in debunking falsehoods by someone like Conway in real time as they are spoken.

Kellyanne Conway’s job in the White House is to spread disinformation.

It would be nice to see the networks adopt a three strikes and you’re out policy with all guests. If a guest comes on a show and tells three lies that can easily be debunked with the facts on the air, that interview is over after the third lie. If cable news wants more honesty from guests, they can’t reward them with more airtime no matter how often they lie.

Stelter did the right thing by calling out Conway’s misinformation, but the lies on cable news will continue until there is a cost associated with not being honest during an interview.