It’s Not Your Imagination: One Chart Shows Trump Is The Least Popular President In History

One chart from the ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows that Donald Trump is the most unpopular first-term president in the seven-decade history of presidential polling.

Here is the chart:

There is no way to spin these numbers. Trump is so unpopular that this isn’t the typical partisan split that has been growing in polling for the past 15 years. Trump is something different. He is an unpopular president whose own personality and behavior is his biggest problem. Trump pushes polices that the vast majority of the country do not want, and he does it with a personality that has repulsed nearly two-thirds of the country.

In a two person election against an opponent who does have an obvious flaw like having a decades long known political name or a candidate that could easily be labeled an un-American socialist, Trump is going to have a difficult time winning a second term. Trump’s gimmick has been to turn all of the negative attention on the people that he is running against, but now that he is in the Oval Office, all of the attention is squarely focused on his own words and deeds.

Trump’s polling numbers aren’t going to get better because the problem is that he is Donald Trump.

The President is not only setting records for lack of accomplishment. Trump is also the least popular first year president in history.

The bad news for Republicans is that there is still more room for things to get even worse.