Paul Ryan Wants To Steal Your Healthcare And Raise Your Taxes In The Same Bill

Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan admitted on Fox News Sunday that House Republicans are considering adding Obamacare repeal to their tax increase to the middle-class.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: Well, let me ask you about ObamaCare because some Republicans are saying that as part of tax reform, there’s a discussion about repealing the ObamaCare individual mandate, which would save about $400 billion, take it away from the deficit.

Is that on the table?

RYAN: Yes, we have an active conversation with our members in a whole host of ideas on things to add to this bill. And that’s one of the things that’s being discussed.

WALLACE: You say it’s being discussed. So, there is a possibility the House could pass, as part of tax reform, doing away with the individual mandate?

RYAN: Again, we’re listening to our members about what we can do to add to this bill to make it even better. So, that’s among the ideas that a lot of members are suggesting that we could add to this bill to make it even better.

WALLACE: But it’s on the table for this tax reform bill?

RYAN: It’s one of the things that people have been suggesting. That’s what I’m saying.

To translate what Ryan said into plain English, he is too weak to stand up to the far right conservatives in the House and Trump, so he is going to stick Obamacare repeal into the bill, and potentially kill any chances of the tax cuts passing.

For those of you who thought that Republicans couldn’t possibly make their tax cuts for the rich legislation worse, the GOP has managed to outdo themselves by adding the potential repeal of Obamacare to the mix. Republicans are so worried about losing the House and Senate next year that they are trying to bundle everything that they haven’t been able to get done into one giant act of legislative evil.

The Republican agenda of trying to hurt as many Americans as possible is clear, and it also why they are in danger of losing Congress next year.