Another White Mass Shooter Strikes In Sutherland, Texas And Trump Says Nothing

A disturbing pattern is emerging in the Trump presidency. After the mass shooting in Sutherland, Texas, Donald Trump and his White House issue generic statements as a white shooter doesn’t get the same attention from this president.

Here is the only tweet posted to Trump’s Twitter account:

The tweet on Trump’s account was spelled properly, and the punctuation was in the correct place. The tweet also made sense, which is something that never happens when the President writes the tweets himself. The big tell that the tweet didn’t come from Trump can be seen in a statement from Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sanders said, “The President has been briefed several times and is continuing to receive regular updates on the tragic shooting in TX. The President spoke with Gov. Abbott earlier this morning. We will keep you posted as we can share more details. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the friends and families affected. May God comfort them all in this time of tragedy.”

The White House and Trump are putting out the same message. That never happens.

Less than a week ago, Trump was trying to send a Muslim attacker to Gitmo, but when the mass killer is white, Trump has nothing to say, and the White House only offers thoughts and prayers.

When America needs a president most, Donald Trump continually fails to lead.

Trump finally did make some comments on the Texas shooting, but they were more empty nothing:

Video of Trump’s statement: