Fox News Stops Running Ad Calling For Impeachment After Trump Tantrums On Twitter

An ad by progressive billionaire Tom Steyer ran once on Fox News and then was stopped after Donald Trump saw it and threw a Twitter tantrum.

Anyone who has watched cable news has seen the ad:

Fox News took Steyer’s money and ran the ad on the October 27 edition of Fox and Friends. Trump adores the Fox morning misinformation program, so it wasn’t a surprise when he tweeted on the same day that the ad aired:

After Trump complained, Fox News released a statement, “Due to the strong negative reaction to their ad by our viewers, we could not in good conscience take their money.” By “our viewers,” Fox meant Trump.

Steyer claims that Fox News took his money and never refunded it.

Steyer’s lawyers also sent a letter to Fox News:

It is obvious what happened. The cable news obsessed Trump saw the ad, flipped out, called Fox News to complain, and an American news network suffocated the First Amendment because an ad hurt Trump’s feelings. Fox News is helping Trump kill the free press, and they have delivered definitive proof that they are not a news network, and they should be treated like the propaganda tool that they are.