MSNBC Takes Down Trump With An Awesome On Screen Graphic On His Gun Terror Hypocrisy

While Trump was trying to deflect blame from the gun for the Texas church shooting, MSNBC put on screen his call for immediate policy changes after the New York terror attack.

Here was the graphic as they discussed Trump’s don’t blame the gun dodge:

Trump thinks that the media is being unfair to him, but it is not unfair to point out that in one instance of a mass attack, Trump wasted no time calling for immediate policy changes, but he changes his tune completely when three times more people are killed in a mass shooting.

Many Americans are tired of being told by Republicans that now is not the time to talk about gun violence. Trump was ready to immediately send a man who committed a smaller attack to Gitmo, but when the shooter is a white non-Muslim man, Donald Trump breaks into a soft-shoe routine about how the gun isn’t to blame and now isn’t the time to talk about gun policy.

MSNBC went straight to the heart of Trump’s hypocrisy. While Fox News is nothing more than White House propaganda, and CNN continues to struggle due to their insistence on appealing to the vanishing middle, MSNBC has become one of the fastest growing networks on television because they don’t fear taking on this administration with facts.

Trump is a hypocrite on mass killings caused by a white man with a gun, and more members of the media need to step up and focus on calling out this administration’s hypocrisy.

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