Trump Jealously Endorses The Authoritarian Jailing Of Political Enemies In Saudi Arabia

Trump could barely hide his jealousy over the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, rounding up and arresting his political opposition.

Trump tweeted:

What Mohammed bin Salman is doing is rounding up his political opposition that may challenge him for the throne. Under the guise of anti-corruption sweep, the crown prince is consolidating his power and removing political opponents. Donald Trump had crowds chanting lock her up at his rallies in 2016, but bin Salman really is locking them up. This is not the kind of behavior that the United States of America should be endorsing, but it is what Trump wishes he could do his opponents in the United States.

The leaders that Trump idolizes on the world stage are all authoritarians. Trump has praised Putin, the Chinese leadership, and now the Saudi crown prince.

Trump is an enemy of democracy, and his jealous admiration toward events in Saudi Arabia should worry every American.