Trump Throws An Election Night Tantrum After Republicans Get Destroyed In Virginia

Trump responded to Republicans getting wiped out in Virginia by distancing himself from the Republican candidate for governor and throwing a fit over claims that the election results are a rejection of Trumpism.

Trump tweeted:

According to Trump, the guy who he was tweeting favorably about 15 hours earlier had nothing to do with Trump or what he stands for.

Rule number one when understanding Trump is that when anything goes wrong, it is always someone else’s fault. The problem with Trump’s excuse is that Republicans are losing all over Virginia. The Republican lost the governor’s race in New Jersey. When voters in Virginia were asked, by more than a two to one margin those who said that the President influenced their vote said that they were voting against Trump.

The toddler president doesn’t understand that he is at the grown-ups table now. He doesn’t get to make the rules and tell people why they are voting.

The Republican losses tonight are the fault of the Republican Party, and the Republican Party is led by Donald Trump.

A tantrum and distancing after a defeat isn’t leadership, and Trump’s behavior is why the Republican Party finds themselves circling the drain on Election Night.

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