The Winning Doesn’t Stop For Democrats As Maine Voters Approve Medicaid Expansion

In a rebuke of Gov. Paul LePage, Maine voters voted to approve a Medicaid expansion that will provide health insurance coverage to 80,000 residents in the state.

The New York Times reported, “Voters in Maine approved a ballot measure on Tuesday to allow many more low-income residents to qualify for Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, The Associated Press said. The vote was a rebuke of Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican who has repeatedly vetoed legislation to expand Medicaid. At least 80,000 additional Maine residents will become eligible for Medicaid as a result of the referendum. Maine will be the 32nd state to expand the program under the health law, but the first where voters, not governors or legislators, decided the issue.”

A year ago when Trump promised that there would be so much winning, who would have thought that it would be Democrats who are doing all the winning. While Trump is on the other side of the world and trying to distance himself from his own failures, Democrats are piling up the wins.

The vote in Maine was significant because it came from the voters expressing their desire and support for Obamacare. Republicans have created a deadly trap for themselves. If they mimic Trump’s tactics, they lose. If they run on their platform, they lose. Taking health care away from people by repealing Obamacare is a losing position. When voters were given a chance to decide whether they wanted to expand Medicaid or not, by a margin of 59%-41%, they voted to expand the program.

Republicans can’t stop losing, but the biggest winners of all, aren’t the politicians, but the 80,000 low-income individuals in Maine who are going to have access to health care.