Democratic Wins Break Trump’s Mind As He Retreats From Reality And Celebrates 2016

Trump showed that he is a man trapped in the past, as he responded to Republicans getting crushed in 2017 by holding a 2016 victory party for himself aboard Air Force One.

Republicans just had their heads handed to them in local and state races across the country, and this is how Trump responded:

(Missing from picture: Putin, Manafort, Flynn, Page, Trump Jr., and other Russia colluders)

Republican suffered historic losses on Election Night. Democrats scored victories in places where they haven’t won in decades. A normal president might look at these election results and think that it is time for a reassessment and a change in priorities and tactics.

Trump looks at 2017 and holds a 2016 victory party for himself a year later.

America has broken Trump’s mind with such a large and undeniable rejection of his party and his policies.

Trump has been living in a fantasy land where all criticism of him is fake news, the economy is booming, and everyone is happy.

The reality is that Trump is the least popular president in history, and nearly two-thirds of the country is itching to run him out of the White House on a rail.

When faced with confronted reality or being stuck in the past, President Lost In The Mall Racist Granddad chose to live in 2016.

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