Deranged Trump Tries To Use The Presidency To Force AT&T And Time Warner To Dump CNN

Trump hates the coverage on CNN, which is why the Justice Department is trying to force AT&T and Time Warner to divest themselves of CNN.

Politico reported:

DOJ is demanding the sale of Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting, which includes CNN as well as networks like TBS and TNT, one of the sources said — adding that it’s clear the real sticking point is CNN, a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s anger.

“The only reason you would divest CNN would be to kowtow to the president because he doesn’t like the coverage,” another source said. “It would send a chilling message to every news organization in the country.”

Brian Stelter of CNN reported that AT&T said that they would never sell CNN:

The sort of blackmail that Trump is trying to pull is a clear abuse of presidential power. It is also a signal that the President is breaking down the wall of separation that is supposed to exist between the presidency and the DOJ.

Only a moron would think that they could get AT&T to sell CNN. CNN, like all cable news networks, is extremely profitable. CNN and the other Turner networks are one of the main reasons why AT&T would be attracted to a deal with Time Warner.

Trump is abusing the presidency to settle imaginary vendettas against the media. The list of impeachable offenses could be a mile long, but what Donald Trump is doing every single day is a crime against the country.