Fox News Had A Meltdown And Pretended Like The Democratic Election Wave Never Happened


Things were going so bad for Republicans on Election Night that Fox News decided that the election didn’t exist, and stopped showing results to their viewers.

On Tucker Carlson’s show, they were all about the election in Virginia, until Northam won:


Carlson did do the most election coverage, at roughly 18 minutes, but there was no mention of how badly things were going for Republicans.

By 9 PM on Hannity, Fox News had moved into full denial.

Election? What election?

Hannity spent his hour orgasming over Trump in South Korea:

Things had gotten so bad that Fox didn’t even have election results on the screen. The network was blacking out the Democratic wave.

At 10 PM ET, Fox News still wasn’t showing election results to their viewers, and Laura Ingraham kept the focus on Trump:

Ingraham did sidetrack long enough to dive deeper into her new culture war obsession, the claim that the left is politicizing thoughts and prayers.

Ingraham did spend the last 4 minutes of her show discussing the election, but that time was spent defending Trump and throwing Ed Gillespie under the bus.

Once the election was breaking big for Democrats, Fox News decided that the election didn’t exist. They decided not to cover the biggest news of the night, and instead, live inside the Trump bubble where everything is going wonderfully.

Under Trump, Fox News has retreated even further from reality. The election was so bad for Republicans that Fox News started pretending like it wasn’t happening. Fox News and Trump have taken a media bubble and turned into a full psychotic break from reality.

People who watch Fox News aren’t just being misinformed. They’re also uninformed, and completely ignorant of the reality of the world around them. A news network isn’t supposed to ignore the news, but that is what Fox did on Election Night 2017.